Boseong Spring Green Tea

One of the most notable examples is the spring green tea, since all agree that it is a quite peculiar variety for its flavor and aroma.

It is a tea that is collected in the Boseong region and that has as a particularity that of being selected by hand and resulting in a high grade tea. As its name makes clear, its leaves are picked in the spring and are those that end up giving a completely characteristic infusion.

It is a tea that many surprise because it does not have the typical characteristics of green tea. Or yes, but present in another way. It is usually a fairly clear color, with a very noticeable aroma, which for many oscillates between the herbal and the related to nuts. It is delicate to the palate, but full of flavor, despite being prepared at low temperatures and with

It is a tea that needs barely hot water for its preparation. Some even say that the best thing about it is when it is infused at 60 ° Celsius. If the water warms a little more, there will be no problems. But do not leave it much more than two or three minutes before consuming it.

Being a green tea, but with a much more marked flavor and not so conventional aromas, maybe not for all times of the day. But you can always look for a moment. At night, after dinner; in a relaxing afternoon break where you need to make a break with what you are doing; in a chat with friends, which will also be a good excuse to make it happen to them. In short, you will know when the right moment will be as soon as you try it.