Dog Friendly Restaurants

Types of Restaurants

Health codes determine the parameters for serving patrons with canines. Generally, cafes and bistros cannot have animals present in an interior dining room due to health codes. Therefore, dog-friendly restaurants will have special outdoor seating areas with tables for furry friends. Places to eat can be casual or formal, but realize that seating for canine customers may be dependent on the weather and the season. If temperatures or precipitation make it impossible to sit in an outdoor seating area, you and your canine may have to visit at another time.

Common Etiquette

Take care to follow etiquette while visiting dog-friendly restaurants. Make sure your pooch also minds his manners while you’re there to ensure that you don’t bother other customers.

Before eating out with your pooch, make sure that he or she will behave around strangers, crowds, and children. Your animal should feel comfortable around people and not act nervous or skittish.
Call the place of business prior to visiting with your dog to ensure that animals are welcome at outdoor seating areas. Ask about any special treats or services provided for dogs so you know what to expect.
Keep your canine on a leash to maintain complete control at all times. Tie the leash to your chair leg to secure the canine. Never tie the leash to a table, because this could lead to a toppled table if the canine is strong and large enough to pull it over.
Do not allow your dog to interfere with restaurant staff or other patrons. For best results, the animal should sit under your table near your feet. Never allow the animal to sit on a chair or the table, regardless of its size.
Bring disposable food and water dishes for your pooch to use while at the bistro. It’s unlawful for places of business to allow animals to eat or drink from standard dishes due to health codes. This means you cannot place your plate on the floor to share your dinner with your animal.
Take care of your dog’s bathroom needs prior to visiting the eating area to ensure that unexpected accidents do not occur.
If your canine is restless or noisy, cut your meal short and leave at once to avoid disturbing other diners.
Tip your waitperson generously for his or her patience with you and your furry friend.