Eat Breakfast Properly

It’s known that making the right choices in the morning makes you make the right choices all day. This is because if you start the day with a healthy habit, you’re likely to be doing it all day. Eating foods high in protein is smart as well because it makes you feel much fuller. In addition, that satisfied feeling lasts longer after breakfast compared to other daily meals.

  • Protein – I highly recommend eating an egg every day. Buy the natural organic kind and scramble them up every morning as it only take a couple minutes. If you don’t like eggs then maybe you’ll like yogurt, peanuts, or sliced meat, as they are all high in protein as well. I recommend finding at least fifty grams of protein a day. This means for breakfast, I’d say around a 1/3 that amount; that is if you’re going to do the other 2/3 come lunch and dinner.
  • Whole grains – whole grains, like rolled oats, are always a good source of fiber for the body. It keeps a blood sugar at a steady level and helps subtract LDL cholesterol (which is bad) out of your system. It’s highly advised to eat nut butters or lean poultry, such as sliced chicken/turkey on whole grain toast of course.
  • Fruits and veggies – These are personally my favorite kinds of breakfasts. The reason to this is because it tastes great and as you well know, they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Such materials in these foods help rid the body free of radicals and protect you against cancer and heart disease. A great thing to do is mix fresh fruits with soy milk for a quick and energizing smoothie.

So in summary, to make sure you make the right decisions for the morning all you’ve got to do is put the effort to think about it. Later it will begin to feel natural to you to eat a healthy breakfast. Remember always think healthy. For the last tip of the day I’d like to leave you with this thought, even if you don’t have time for a healthy breakfast or don’t want to put the effort to such practices, just remember that it’s your body and the body is a delicate thing. Take care of it.