Finding Good Buffalo Meat

After a little bit of searching online, I found a few good sites that sell Buffalo meat, but I’m looking for a healthier alternative… buffalo or bison meat with NO chemicals, nitrates, or MSG. There’s a few based in Jackson, ID. Along with providing organic buffalo meat for sale, they also have fresh elk and chicken. Buffalo can be enjoyed in all the great ways that beef can. Most online buffalo meat stores have everything from buffalo burgers to buffalo jerky for you to choose from. Buying clean meat in very important to me. In my opinion eating processed meat that is full of nitrates and preservatives isn’t any better than eating cookies and donuts. The buffalo meat for sale from that you’ll find there not only comes from animals that were raised in wide-open green pastures, but it is not treated with any type of harmful additives or preservatives.

Buffalo and Bison, both MSG free, not only good for you, but it tastes great to. Even though it has a very low fat content and high protein content, I think that it has a naturally rich taste that is similar to, but more flavorful than beef. Just make sure to cook your meat slower, and at a lower temperature than you normally cook meat, in order to make sure it turns out as tender and tasty as possible.