Gastro Pubs

The largest country of United Kingdom, Yorkshire has a historic legacy which has been carried forward for generations together. Being a historic country Yorkshire holds many different castles like the Richmond Castle, Skipton Castle, Pickering Castle, Bowes castle and more. Apparently, many of the stately homes in Yorkshire have castle as suffix. People who have love for architecture will love Yorkshire to the fullest. This place has many monumental buildings with stunning architecture like the Sheffield ll Town, Allerton Castle, Castle Howard, Brodsworth Hall, Temple Newsam, Wentworth Castle and more. Even the literature and art lovers are going to go bonkers in Yorkshire because this is a place where the famous Emily sisters belong. Who can forget Emily Bronte’s classic novel Wuthering Heights? Many other famous authors like Alan Bennett, Margaret Drabble and more belong to this place. It’s like this place has something for everyone whether you love music, literature, sports, architecture or anything else.

And for the foodies as well as the shop-o-holics, yes, Yorkshire is your destination too. This place is a foodies first love, the reason being Yorkshire boasts of 6 Michelin star restaurants and this is the most any county could have. In case you are not aware what Michelin star means, there is the most reputed, oldest and best known food guide, Michelin that gives Michelin stars to some select high quality restaurants and hotels. There are many different hotels from low budget to high end that offer fine dining facilities. There are these Gastro Pubs that not only offer local food from across the continents but even the best restaurants in Yorkshire serve the traditional cuisine with the same authenticity by making use of richly flavored ingredients.

Yorkshire is the birth place for many popular recipes of England. Some of them being roast beef and vegetables, a recipe that is onion gravy based and is served with onion, Toad in the Hole, which is a sausage based dish. And then there is parkin, a ginger cake sweet one but very different from the run of the mill ginger cakes. The Wensledale cheese is very popular among people and is mostly eaten with sweets. Even the ginger beer, which is famous all over the country is originated from Yorkshire and is still being loved by everyone. Even Britain’s most popular sweets were invented in factories of Yorkshire. One of the most popular foods in Yorkshire is called the Pikelets. But, over the years curries have gained a lot of popularity in Yorkshire, more because a lot of Asian families have migrated here. Hence, Yorkshire holds a lot of curry empires which have now expanded across UK. Even the famous curry place, which is known to be the largest curry house in the world ‘Aakash’ is located here.