Kashmiri Food Delight

Chor Bizarre: This is a famous restaurant Delhi, India which mainly served North Indian and Kashmiri cuisines. In North Indian and Kashmiri cuisines is importantly noted that no two things are similar in anyways. Even the type of plates used for serving is entirely different from each other. There is a great salad bar inside this restaurant. This is a Rolls Royce car. The chaat bar is an Old Fiat and one of the tables used ere for serving is a reconstructed bed of the Maharajas. Wazwan, Kashmiri feast with 36 courses, batter fried lotus stems and Goshtaba are the highlights of this restaurant.

Coriander Leaf: Kashmiri food and Mughlai food are mainly served here. They also serve items from the Pakistani, Delhi, Lucknow and Hyderabadi cuisines. In the whole of India, this is one of the best places to have really spicy Mughlai food. We actually feel the taste of Pan India Muslim taste in the food served here. Nihari, Halim Lasooni Palak ke Kofta, Peshwari Kabab and Surkh Murg are the highlights of the place.

Kashmiri Wazwan: This is one of the best restaurants Delhi, wherein authentic, delicious and ambient regional cuisine that is even perfect to fit the Kings at Kashmiri Wazwan can be experienced. Kashmiri cuisine does not have any other similar cuisines in India. As far as the taste and variety is considered the food is really rich. A number of more than 30 Kashmiri dishes are served here at a time all which is listed in the menu. The interior d├ęcor done here is so great that it is infused with real Kashmiri accents. The service available here is also great and prompt. Goshtaba, Rista, Tabak Maas with Biryani are all the highlights of the restaurant.

Kashmiri Kitchen: This is one of the famous Kashmiri restaurants in South Delhi. This restaurant is located in the Malviya Nagar of New Delhi. Home delivery is also available for a minimum order of Rs 600. The restaurant is open from 10 in the morning till 10 in the evening. This is a non-veg restaurant where the food and the ambience ratings are really high. Zafrani Kokur, Tabak Maaz and different types of kababs are the general highlights. In the menu there is a separate section seen for special Kashmiri dishes for which prior order is to be given at least before 12 hours and he minimum order should be at least for Rs 1000.