Persian Foods; dreamy flavors not found in the world

Food, in addition to being human’s first and foremost need, represents the culture and customs of each climate. Due to ethnic, cultural and climatic diversity in our beloved country of Iran, the variety of food is very high, and each region has its own specialty foods. Wherever you are in Iran, what you’ll never miss is delicious food. The unique taste and variety of Persian foods are attractive not only to Iranians inside the country but also to foreign tourists seeking new and different flavors.

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The importance of food in tourism is so great that most tourists find it tempting to try new and varied foods from their best travel experiences. Here we are going to introduce you to the most popular Persian Food among Iranians and foreign tourists so that you can experience them while traveling to different Iranian cities and with these delicious and popular dishes from our Iranian and foreign guests. Reception. So, don’t miss this trip.

persian foods

Chlukabab is one of the most popular Persian Foods

Chlukabab is undoubtedly one of the most famous and authentic Iranian food, which is also popular with foreign tourists. This dish is available in various types of grilled barbecue (fillet and lamb shanks in regular order), chenille (grilled shrimp), shishlik (ribs), shredded (minced meat with onions), and kale (shredded grilled meat). A roast is cooked and usually served with bread or rice with saffron, butter, tomatoes, fresh vegetables, and other delicacies.

Vegetable cuttlefish, an inseparable food from Iranian tableware

Vegetable curd is a favorite food of most Iranians, and it is also popular among foreign tourists. The dish is made from a combination of fresh and fragrant vegetables, onions, lemon zest, red beans and sliced ​​beef, lamb or lamb. Baking has its own principles, and like most Iranian dishes, the longer the flame and the longer the cooking time, the more delicious and laid-back. Vegetable stew is usually served with plain rice or saffron.

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Ashfield; a world of colors

Among the various Ashes that exist in Iran, Ashshed is the most popular and popular among foreign tourists. To cook this soup, first mix the different beans and vegetables, then add the special sourdough and curd and then decorate it with hot garlic, hot onion, hot mint, and curd. This is one of the popular Iranian dishes cooked on a special occasion at religious ceremonies and festivals.

Iranian foods

Vegetable pilaf with fish; meet at Eid night Persian Foods

Vegetable pilaf with fish is another of the most delicious Iranian dishes. To make this dish, rice with aromatic vegetables and fried fish are also fried separately. This dish has its roots in Iranian history and culture, and it has long been customary for people to eat fish on the eve of Nowruz. This delectable dish is very much in favor of seafood enthusiasts.

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Mirzaqasemi, a traveling companion of the North

Mirza Ghasemi is one of the local cuisines of Iran, and one of the traditional cuisines of Gilan province. It is made using grilled eggplant, tomatoes, fresh garlic and eggs and the pleasant aroma of grilled eggplant makes it a tempting dish. This unique dish is served both as a meal and as a main dish with rice.

Mirza Ghasemi of Iranian cuisine

Tabrizi Dumplings; Mother of Turkish Foods

Tabrizi Dumplings is another Iranian local cuisine and as its name implies, a Tabrizian dish. The dessert is so delicious and delicious that it is served everywhere in Iran today. The dish is prepared with a mix of meat, cotyledon, rice, aromatic vegetables and various spices and boiled eggs, barberry, plum, walnut, and hot onion. Tabrizi’s meatballs, shaped like a large, round meatball, are a complete meal that can be eaten with sangak bread, buttermilk, and fresh herbs.

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Bottom of Chinese rice; Bride of Iranian trips

The bottom of China is one of the most popular Iranian cuisines with a very beautiful appearance. It is made from a combination of rice, yogurt, egg yolk, and cooked meat or chicken. Cooked with chicken is more common and is considered to be one of the most delectable Iranian dishes with its pleasant taste.

Daisy; single in the flavors of the world

Daisy is one of the authentic and traditional Iranian dishes. The food is usually served in traditional, special-atmosphere restaurants that are a reflection of ancient Iranian tradition and culture. This dish is actually a broth, made from mutton, baked beans, Omani lemons, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions and eaten with vegetables and sangak bread, onions and yogurt. It is usually cooked with a daisy in beautiful stone or clay pots, which make it more delicious by prolonging the cooking time.

Baqali Polo; Guest of Iranian Parliament – Persian Foods

Bakali Polo is one of the best and most luxurious Iranian dishes served at most parties and gatherings. This dish is made with both mutton and chicken. To prepare it, cook rice with beans and saffron and dill and cook with fried or fried chicken or chicken. Iranians love this food and it is also popular among foreign tourists.

Eggplant stew; the most delicious Persian food

Eggplant stew is one of Iran’s favorite and tasty dishes. There are many Iranian dishes used to make eggplant, but eggplant is definitely one of the most delicious. Meat or poultry, onions, fried eggplant, coriander, and various spices are used in this dish. Like other Iranian dishes, this dish is usually served with rice or bread.

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Kheima stew; fight between potato and eggplant

Other popular and delectable Iranian dishes are khimra stew. The main ingredients of this dish are veal, lamb, onion, onion, lemon and tomato paste. This stew is served in two types of potato (with fried potato) and eggplant (with fried eggplant). You can bake ghee stew with white rice or saffron rice and enjoy it.

Kheima Stew | Other delicious and popular Iranian dishes

Kheima Stew | Other delicious and popular Iranian dishes

Bean Plum; Recipe for Vegetables and Rice

Bean Plum is one of the most popular and tasty Iranian dishes. To prepare this dish, fry minced meat, onions, tomato paste, and various spices and mix with chopped green beans and drained the rice and let it boil. Potato bottom or lavash bread is very popular in this dish and everyone gets a kick out of it. It’s great to eat with other herbs like yogurt, yogurt, salad or pickles.

Barberry Plus; Almonds and Almonds

Barberry Polo is one of the best, most popular and most luxurious Iranian dishes served at almost all parties and parties. This dish is cooked with white rice, saffron, barberry, and fried chicken. Pistachios and almonds are also used to decorate and make this dish more delicious. Chicken barbecue is one of the most popular Iranian cuisines, which is well known and popular among foreign tourists.

Barberry Polo is one of the best, most popular and most luxurious Iranian dishes

Sesame; sour and sweet

And finally, we get to the very tasty Fasanjan stew, whose aroma comes from one’s taste. This dish is also one of the dishes of Iranian Majlis. How to prepare it: Put the milled walnuts, pomegranate paste and chopped mince or poultry over a gentle heat for a few hours to cook slowly and let cool. It is made in different cities in different ways. Some sour, some sour and some sweet. Depending on the type and amount of pomegranate paste used in this stew, its color varies from light brown to dark. Fusan stew can be served with plain rice or saffron.

In this post, we tried to introduce Iranian cuisine, if anything is missing, help us complete this list. Which of these foods do you specialize in?