Tips On Cooking Sea Bass

Plain and simple

What could be more simple served fish and chip shop style. One of the small farmed fish will be ideal. Scaled, cleaned, and pin boned a pair of the fillets will make a great ‘Posh Nosh’ fish and chip meal at a very reasonable price.

Make your own simple batter with plain flour and a measure of beer to form a moderately thick coating. Fry at 180 degrees Celsius until cooked and serve on a bed of home-made chips with Tartar sauce.

Cooking with style and flair

For this dish, I would suggest you invested in a prized fillet of wild Sea Bass, it will cost more than the farmed but will be worth it. You will need a fillet, preferably mid cut, of around 175 g, that has been pin boned and de scaled.

Choose a cooking method. Poaching, steaming, grilling and baking will all be fine. My own preference is steaming, because it retains the nutrients in the fish and keeps the wonderful shiny nature of the skin.

The choice to serve it with is now open to thousands of choices. But try serving it on a raised bed of blanched, then char-grilled slices of fennel, surrounded by a shellfish broth with two or three Prawns. It will look great and will make your guests well and truly pleased.

Something a little different

A total variation on the classic Scandinavian seafood dish cured with salt, sugar and herbs. Instead of Salmon use Sea Bass.

Take a whole wild Sea Bass, of a size as large as you need or can find or afford, de-fin, scale, clean, fillet and pin bone the Sea Bass. You now have the staring point to create your own cured piece of luxury. Since you will be preparing the dish to be eaten within a few days, the amount of salt, which would help to cure and preserve the fish can be reduced. The amounts of salt and sugar are in line with recommendations to lower intake to promote a healthy body.

For a pair of fillets of 200 g each (400 g total) use 25 g of sugar and 50 g of salt, a teaspoon of ground black pepper and a bunch of Dill herb. For smaller or larger quantities scale up or down the portions. Rub the salt and sugar equally into both fillets. Place the Dill on top of one fillet and the other fillet on top of the Dill, with both fillets facing each other. Fit into as tight a container as you can find. Turn over the pair of fillets each day and baste the flesh surfaces with the liquid from the container. At all times keep refrigerated.

After five days you will have created a great novel version of cured fish. Slice it very thinly and serve on a chilled plate. To add an extra dimension why not add a measure or two of a spirit of your choice, such as one of the fennel based liqueurs. Or even go a stage further and spice the dish with some dried chilli flakes. The world is your oyster, or in this case Sea Bass.