Tips On Cooking Tuna

Pan fried Tuna

This method is very simple and quick. In a very hot and lightly oiled pan seal a 175 g steak for a couple of minutes on either side, then take off the heat and rest. This will produce a cooking level similar to medium rare in a Beef steak. If you prefer then cook for a little longer. Serve on a something of your choice. Try a chilli flavoured salsa, or chunky mashed potato mixed with chopped olives.

An alternative Salad

Cut strips around 1cm square and 6cm long. You will need five per serving Quickly fry in sesame oil, to cooler on all sides, place on top of the seasoned salad. Prepare the salad with some imagination. Use a small handful of leaves, small tomatoes, French beans, artichoke hearts, boiled egg and stoned olives. By not including the traditional anchovy fillets and capers the salt level will be dramatically reduced. The Tuna may be replaced by other types of shellfish. Try thin strips of Squid or chunky Prawns stir fried with a Chilli sauce.

Cured and marinated loin of Tuna

This dish takes some preparing but is well worth the time. For a starter or light lunch for four people you will need 450 g of loin of skinned Tuna from the thinner tail end. The first stage will consist of tightly wrapping the fish in cling and freezing at minus 18 degrees Celsius for five days Since the fish served uncooked this first stage i.e. necessary to kill any possible parasites, which would normally be eradicated during the cooking process. Allow the fish to defrost in a fridge.. Cut matchstick pieces of fresh ginger and stuff them into the length of the fish. Either use a larding stick or create a whole with a bamboo kebab stick. Separate the sticks of ginger by about 1cm. Do the same with thin strips of tender lemon grass. Rub into the surfaces 25 g of salt and sugar. Place in a small container, cover with fresh fennel shoots and drizzle with a liquor of you choice. Cover and place in the fridge. Each day turn over and baste with the juices. After four days it will be ready to serve. Cut wafer thin slices and place on cold plates, serve with lemon wedges and whole meal bread.